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Serge offers Yoga classes to strech body and mind at all levels for men & women, in group and one-to-one tuition, in Chichester and the surrounding area. Classes are designed to stretch, stimulate, strengthen and relax.

Everyone can practice yoga regardless of age, gender or ability. Yoga views, flexibility, range of movement and the breath as central to health and well being. It is an effective way of managing stress and meeting demanding challenges. Yoga contributes to enhancing sport performance and building stamina, endurance and confidence.

The benefits of yoga affect all areas of the body and the mind. On the mental level, it enhances focus, attention, concentration, balance, stamina and confidence. On the physical level, it increases flexibility, mobility, strength and stability as well as core strength, and endurance. These benefits are all necessary to maximize potential. Yoga also provides an ongoing preventive care support and assists in the development of our ability to avoid injury.

The techniques used include sequences of specific postures, breathing techniques [on their own or coordinated with movements], relaxation and meditation. Positive changes on a physical and mental level are observed rapidly after starting a programme.

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