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sport yoga

Why should I do Sport Yoga?
The world of sport is now using Sport Yoga. This innovative sport science is applied as a supplementary exercise routine that improves the performance of any sport. Sport Yoga offers an opportunity for sustained fitness progression. It is the catalyst that gives a sports player that extra edge against the competition. The benefits of yoga in sports have been documented and attested by sportsmen and successful athletes such as Andy Murray, the Manchester United team players and others…

What are the benefits of Sport Yoga?
Sport Yoga assists sports people to enhance their performances. The benefits of yoga in sports affect all areas of the body and the mind. On the mental level, it improves focus, attention, concentration, balance, stamina and confidence. On the physical level, it increases flexibility, mobility, strength and stability as well as core strength, and endurance. These benefits are all necessary to maximize performance potential. Sport Yoga also provides an ongoing preventive care support and assists in the development of our ability to avoid injury.

How does it work?
With a robust understanding of biomechanics, Sport Yoga integrates modern sports science methods with practices of the science of yoga. A comprehensive programme that includes specific yoga postures and breathing techniques is devised to meet the requirements of the primary sport. These different sport-specific postures, coordinating movements with the breath, systematically stretch and strengthen various muscles in all major muscle groups. They also have a beneficial effect on joints, increasing range of movement and mobility to produce balance and stability throughout the whole body. There are no pre-requisites required to begin practising Sport Yoga. It is for everyone irrespective of age, ability and gender.

Sport Yoga is an ideal complement to any other form of exercise. If you want to improve your skills set and make a positive and lasting contribution to your sport performance, come and join our class.
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